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Dr Abhijit Mallick

Post Doctoral Research Associated 2020-2022 (Individual Ulam Fellowship from NAWA)
Currently: Post-doc at University of York, UK with Dr Paul McGonigal

KBDr Krzysztof Bartkowski

Ph.D. Student 2016-2021
Currently: Post-doc at IOC, PAS with Dr Marcin Lindner

KKKrystian Kaźmierczak

B.Sc. Student 2018-2019
M.Sc. Student 2019-2021
Currently: wish to know

KKDr Kamil Kupietz

Post Doctoral Research Associated 2019-2021
Currently: Post-doc at PORT, Łukasiewicz Research Network with Dr Joanna Cybińska, D.Sc.

Aleksandra Kukla

B.Sc. Student 2020-2021
Currently: wish to know

MB_fMichał Bochynek

M.Sc. Student 2018-2020
Currently at internship in Bydgoszcz

Darindra Thanos

B.Sc. Student 2019-2020
Currently: wish to know


Wojciech Stawski

Individual Studies 2015-2018
B.Sc. Student 2018-2019
M.Sc. Studies with Prof. Jonathan Nitschke at the University of Cambridge, UK 2019-2020
Currently: Ph.D. studies at the University of Oxford, UK with Prof. Harry L. Anderson

Ricardo Antoni Moreno Ballesteros

B.Sc. Student 2017-2018
M.Sc. Studies at the UAM, Poznań
Currently: Ph.D. Studies at the University of Dundee with Prof. Satpal Virdee


Dr Jan Klajn

Post Doctoral Research Associated 2016-2018
Currently employed at PCC Rokita, Brzeg Dolny, Poland