Dr Miłosz Pawlicki, Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information:
Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University
Gronostajowa 2, 30-346 Kraków, POLAND
phone: +48126862452
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Miłosz has started his chemical path in the Department of Chemistry, University of Wrocław with the undergraduated studies finished with a M.Sc. thesis focusing on aminoacids and peptide chemistry. In 2005 he graduated from the same University in the subject of porphyrins/porphyrinoids with completing a PhD thesis with a montorship of Prof. Lechosław Latos-Grażyński. Between 2007-2009 he was a Marie-Curie Fellow working as a post-doc with Prof. Harry L Anderson.  Between 2009 and 2021 he was working at the University of Wrocław being eventually employed as Associate Professor. In 2020 Miłosz has accepted an offer for joining the Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University and was appointed as an Associate Professor eventually promoted to Full Professor in 2023. He has established the research team focusing on several aspects of modulation of strongly coupled and pi-conjugated systems.

Invited Lectures:

22. On Delocalisation in Strongly Conjugated Systems 11th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-11), December 11-14, 2022, Singapore
21. Designing Switchable Chromophores and Fluorophores Advanced Technologies and Materials Symposium, September 6-9, 2022, Wrocław, Poland
20. An Old Concept in the New Light – On Local and Global Conjugations in Strongly Conjugated Systems French-Polish Symposium on Chemistry, May 23-25, 2022, Paris, France
19. Strongly Conjugated and pi-extended hybrids with control of delocalisation The University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland, November 4th, 2021 (invitation: Prof. Mathias O. Senge)
18. Macrocycles with local and global delocalisation Modern Organic Synthesis Symposium October, 7-10, 2021, Warsaw, Poland
17. Conjugation in macrocycle based pi-extended systems LLG Symposium, September 17-18, 2021, Wrocław, Poland
16. Delokalizacja w układach makrocyklicznych 63rd Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego PTChem-63 September 13-16, 2021, Łódź, Poland
15. 12th International Symposium on Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry July 4-7, 2021, Poznań, Poland*
14. Strongly conjugated and pi-extended hybrids with control of delocalisation School of Life Sciences, Chemistry, University of Sussex, Sussex, UK, December 2, 2020 (invitation: Dr Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins)
13. Delocalisation Paths in Macrocycles with Embedded Triphyrin(2.1.1) Poland-Korea Organic Chemistry Conference, Wrocław, Poland, May, 17-23, 2020*
12. Globalnie czy lokalnie? O delokalizacji w makrocyklach Jagiellonian University, Kraków, November 14, 2019 (invitation: Prof. Wojciech Macyk)
11. Organoboron complexes in the edge sharing macrocycles – the triphyrin(2.1.1) – tetraphyrin( hybrid French-Polish Chemistry Congress July 4-6, 2019, Paris, France
10. Zabawy z chmurą pi porfirynoidów (in Polish) University of Technology, Łódź, April 15, 2019 (invitation: Prof. Łukasz Albrecht)
9. Playing with Porphyrinoids pi-Cloud – Toward Expected Optical Response IChF, Warszawa, February 20, 2019 (invitation: Prof. Jacek Waluk)
8. Modyfikacje pierścienia porfirynowego prowadzące do absorpcji w zakresie NIR (in Polish) UAM Poznań, February 15, 2018 (invitation: Prof. Violetta Patroniak, Prof. Piotr Pawluć)
7. Acenes Fused with Oxatriphyrin(2.1.1) 10th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines, July 1-6, 2018, Munich, Germany.
6. Fusing (Hetero)Acene with Triphyrins(2.1.1) as a Tool for Controlling Aromaticity IIe Assises Franco-Polonaises de Chimie, March 14-15, 2018, Paris, France
5. Skondensowana mezo-Aminoporfiryna Przełączalny Chromofor (in Polish) 60th Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego PTChem-60 September 17-21, 2017, Wrocław, Poland
4. Properties of Oxatriphyrins(n.1.1) Tuned by Coordination 9th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines, July 3-8, 2016, Nanjing, China.
3. Triphyrins(n.1.1) – synthesis, reactivity and electronic properties 8th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines, June 22-27, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
2. Porphyrins – Synthesis, Modifications and Properties Build-Mona Module TM1 “Smart Molecules“, University of Leipzig, June 27-29, 2012 Leipzig, Germany (invitation: Prof. Berthold Kersting)
1. Furan as a building block in construction of porphyrinoids June 13, 2002
Department of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland (invitation: Prof. Leonard Proniewicz)