Dr Abhijit Mallick

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Post-Doctoral Researcher 2020-2022

Dr Abhijit Mallick received his undergraduate (MSc, 2011) from IIT Bombay. His master thesis was focused on “the synthesis of D4R (double-four-ring) secondary building units of zeolites.” He was awarded a postgraduate (PhD, 2017) degree from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), working under the direction of Dr Harapriya Rath, on the topic of “Fused expanded heteroannulenes.”  In 2018, he moved to Durham University, UK, as a Rutherford fellow in the laboratory of Prof Paul McGonigal, where he worked on “permanently charged–redox active materials for singlet fission and OLED applications”. The following year, he was awarded NAWA Ulam fellowship to conduct research with Prof Miłosz Pawlicki’s research group at Jagiellonian University, Poland. His current research is focused on “electron deficient elements in redox active and switchable Triphyrin(2.1.1).”

In spare time, he loves hiking, watching movies and cooking.